Hello there, I am Ms. Tonya Michelle Wilkerson the founder of Spoken Wordplay brandname and podcast community created July of 2021. I will be your daily Spoken Wordplay instructor and motivational speaker that will guide you through a positive mindfulness meditation practice helping students change the way you subconsciously think about yourself to ultimately improving your quality of life. 

Spoken Wordplay podcast is for students to take a 15-minute break allowing themselves to focus on mindfulness meditation through daily practice of repeating positive repetition “I Am” affirmations and listening to relaxing, dreamy Alpha waves clarity music for 21 days or longer to help students transform into a better version of themselves.  

I feel that my purpose in life is to help people with their problems. I have been given the gift to pursue my passion in life within the healthcare profession working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for over 20 years and within the educational profession working with Pre-K thru 12 grades students as a Substitute Teacher & Paraprofessional for 8 years.

Many students starting from 8th-12th grades, higher education & adult education can benefit from listening to Alpha brainwave music to help improve creative thinking, reduce anxiety, lower stress, and decrease depression. Also, students can benefit from listening and repeating aloud or to themselves Spoken Wordplay positive “I Am” affirmations and mindfulness meditation repetitions as follows: improve self-esteem, change negative thought patterns to positive ones, help motivate students to concentrate more in finishing their school projects & work assignments, control negative feelings of anger, frustrations as well as influence their subconscious mind to access new beliefs to overcome bad habits.  

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