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Motivational Messages Video Clip

Listen to Ms. Tonya Michelle Wilkerson motivational video as she speaks out about inspiring students to never give up on their dreams and aspirations. Even-though you may fail sometimes it’s important to keep on believing in yourself. Always stay consistent towards acheiving your goals. This bonus episode is downloadable content that can be heard online as a 47-seconds short video. Please let me know if you like these powerful words of encouragement and video clips with your comments. Also, you can subscribe on Apple Podcast to gain early access to shows, ad-free episodes and subscriber only bonus episodes for $5.99 per month or $20 a year and start listening to 11-minutes and 30-seconds motivational messages to help students ” Find Your True Self” bonus episode for Season 1.

Podcast Instructor-Motivational Message-Bonus Episode"Find Your True Self
Motivational Message- BONUS Episode ” Find Your True Self”

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