Relaxing Study Music 2

Listen To Relaxing Study Music 2

Spoken Wordplay Podcast⁠ Community has created 51-minutes of relaxing study music 2 playlist for students to help enhance creative learning. I would reccommend for students to listen to relaxing focus music while they’re studying to help enhance and stimulate creative learning. Students should listen to these relaxing focus and study instrumental music when you are feeling stress or having anxiety. For example, while cramming to study for your test or quiz. Listening to relaxing music will help you be more productive and do well academically in completing your work assignments and projects where as you can remember and concentrate more in receiving the information needed to even write a term paper including passing your mid-term and final exams. I would like to give recognition to 5 amazing artist for their hard work creating these relaxing and dreamy Alternative Hip Hop music such as

Epidemic Sound⁠⁠⁠ Artists-

• “Red Orchard” by Justnormal

• “Ginger Chews” by Dylan Sitts

• “Soul Single Serenade”by Dusty Decks

• “Done-Zo_” by 91nova

• “Broken Glass Everywhere” by Ryan James Carr

Relaxing Focus Music on YouTube

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