Self Care Meme Challenge

Self Care Meme Challenge

Self Care Meme Photo Challenge

Welcome Students to your first semester of back to school fall activities at Spoken Wordplay Podcast Community. This September and October of 2023 is National Suicide Prevention and Domestic Violence Awareness Months. And in support of your mental, social, emotional, physical health and wellbeings, Ms. Tonya Michelle Wilkerson is starting a Self Care Meme Challenge. Students, if you are needing someone you can trust to talk with or know of someone in distress and thinking about ending their life or in an abusive situation. There are free resources to help with Suicide Prevention and Domestic Violence that you and, or your family, friends, classmates, coworkers and next door neighbors can use to get 24/7 confidental help by professionals at 988 Lifeline (https://988lifeline.org/) and National Domestic Violence Hotline # 1-800-799-7233.

How to Participate In Self Care Photo Challenge:

Students will upload photos of themselves at Spoken Wordplay Podcast Community website page creating a Photo Gallery caputuring ” What you are doing when you are most happy?” and or showing “How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?”

For example, Students can upload positive Self Care Meme Photos of themselves:

• Wearing the Color Purple Ribbon- [Students Help Bring Awareness Against Women and Children Domestic Violence]

• Spending Time Outdoors in Nature

• Pampering Yourself- [Hair and Nails]

• Enjoying your Favorite Hobbies

• Special Occasions- [Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Concerts…etc]

• Eating Healthy Foods/ Drinking Hydrating Water

• Meditation Practices/Excercise and Sleep Rountines

• Repeating Positive I Am Affirmations to Oneself in the Mirror

I would reccommend students to subscribe to Daily Affirmations and listen to Season 1 newly created full podcast episodes such as: Positive Affirmations & Meditation_3Transformational Affirmations & Meditation_4 and Students Affirmations and Meditation_5

Follow These Steps To Submit and Display Your Own Unique Self Care Meme Photo Gallery:

Click Register And Create an WordPress Account To Login And Upload Self Care Photo Images Below:

1. Fill in Name, Current Email Adderess, Post Titile (Post Tags are optional)

2. Next, Click Add Media Link To Upload Your Photo Images

3. Then, Check the Small Box And Agree To Website Terms

4. Lastly, Click Submit Post To Display Your Meme Photo Gallery

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