Self Love Challenge

Self Love Journal Challenge

Self Love Journal Challenge

Welcome Students to your second semester of back to school winter activities at Spoken Wordplay Podcast Community. This is your head instructor Ms. Tonya Michelle Wilkerson speaking from the heart with a motivational message. The month of Febuary is the time to start celebrating the ” love of self” so in support of your mental, social, physical & emotional health and well beings. I am starting a “Self Love Journal Challenge”. Yes, students if you are in need of strengthening your self respect, embracing your self acceptance and building up your self trust and compassion for one self. Participate in Spoken Wordplay Podcast love of self challenge by creating your own unique daily journal notebook. One of the best ways to bring about positive self improvements and change in your life is to write down a list or draw a picture of all your creative ideas, experiences, dreams and frustrations on paper.

How To Participate In Journal Challenge

Students will use a spiral notebook checklist or a sketchbook to create a self love journal of writing a list or drawing a picture of things that you love or get frustated about yourself everyday. For example, you can write down a list or draw a photo of things you don’t like about yourself versus the many positive qualities you have developed throughout the years, creating a list of things you are grateful for, positive words of encouragement and motivational quotes to oneself and write down a plan of how you are going to achieve your educational, career & financial goals in the near future.

Students, I would reccommend you listening to Season 1 Full Episode 5 called ” Students Affirmations and Meditation_5″. This full podcast episode will help students express their gratitude for the good things in life. Season 2 new bonus episodes called “Career Affirmations and Meditation” created to help students with manifesting their dream Career and Development for improving confidence in learning new job skills. In Addition, “Financial Affirmations and Meditation” will help students with manifesting a Financial Breakthrough with an continueous flow of money blessings in their bank accounts. Subscribe to Daily I Am Affirmations Diamond VIP Plan on Apple Podcast for $5.99 per month or $20 a year to gain Early Access to Shows, Ad-free Episodes and Subscriber Only Bonus Episodes.

Where To Find The Right Journal Notebook

Go to Spokenwordplaypodcast.com and Create a WordPress Account.

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