Episode 5 Trailer


Spoken Wordplay Law of Attraction podcast episodes is for students to take a 15-minute break allowing yourself to focus on Mindfulness Meditation through daily practice of repeating positive repetition “I am” Affirmations and listening to Relaxing, Dreamy Alpha Waves Clarity Music for 21 days to become a better you. 


Spoken Wordplay Law of Attraction podcast episodes is offering a sneak-peek of episode 5 Trailer to its most valuable audience of listners available on Anchor by Spotify. Here are steps you should take to acheive improvements in your self- esteem, learning abilities and behaviors while meditating and saying positive “I Am” affirmations daily as follows:

  1. Observe the feeling of deep breathing while your mind and body become fully aware of your surroundings.
  2. Free your mind of any negative thoughts and relax your body.
  3. After repeating positive “I Am” Affirmations and listening to relaxing ambient music you now allow your subconscious mind to access new beliefs.
  4. Repeat and listen for 21 days or until you start noticing a powerful transformation has happen to the way you think about yourself.

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